Marriage and the In-Laws


Managing The End of Life

Parents are generally the ones who decide whether or not their child has made the right choice of a spouse, and they are the ones...


Adding Children to the Mix

Couples are often excited to discuss having their own children, but they might not be quite so open if one of them does not get...


Finally Getting Along

It can often be said that spouses feel like they are between two cats determined to fight when they show up at their family's home...


A Tragic Family Crisis

There are many times when tragedy occurs in the life of a family, and they need every member to help them through it. For those...


After the Honeymoon

Couples today might still want the blessing of their families before they get married, but it could be impossible for some of them to obtain...


Far Too Many Excuses

Avoiding the family gatherings of a spouse is a time-honored tradition, but it can have far reaching consequences. Those who do not like spending time...


Making Adjustments

Many people have heard and laughed at the jokes, groans and foibles of married people trying to deal with in-laws. They might seem funny at...


Simply Not Good Enough

There are many families who pride themselves on their social standing, and they want their children to marry within their social circle. This does not...

When two people have chosen to make a commitment to building a future together, they generally get married and begin raising a family. They do well when they are alone together, but there are many occasions when they are expected to spend time with their own families. For the person who is attending an event at the home of their spouse, it can be a difficult social gathering if they do not get along well with the family. Marriage and the in-laws do not always mix, but it can change over time if all parties practice patience.

There are many opportunities for getting along with the loved ones of a spouse, but there are just as many times when misunderstandings can derail any chance for everyone to find a way to get along. It can be a difficult road for the person who feels caught between their spouse and their family.